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Unleash Your Life

I can help you find the felt-sense of safety in your body
you need to discover the pleasure & joys of being alive!


My biggest take-away from my time with Pyasa is knowing that I can create the love/ pleasure /touch/ relationship/ fulfillment that I desire/seek within me a lot easier than I thought 🙂 I feel more equipped to move through my emotions when needed (anger, grief, anxiety), and a lot more at peace and excited about being alone and ‘with myself’.


If you’re looking to feel more empowered in your sexuality, have stronger self-love, deepen your understanding of your relationship dynamics, and learn effective tools to release heavy emotions or patterns, Pyasa is AMAZING and I highly recommend her work. I’ve worked with over ten different coaches and healers in the past five years and she is next level potent in such a gentil, loving way.

Ria Hardcastle, creator of The Kreative Kind

  • release trauma & find freedom from anxiety

  • open your voice & cultivate your self confidence

  • let go of the past so you can live joyfully in the present

  • experience more pleasure & a feeling of safety in your body

  • develop healthy boundaries & enjoy satisfaction in your relationships

  • unwind ancestral patterns & clear non-beneficial energetic/emotional blockages & attachments.

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About Me

Our past experiences, social conditioning, & the patterns of our ancestors can unconsciously influence us ~ creating discontent within our lives, relationships, & our experience of sexuality … Letting go of that which no longer serves you creates space for the new to enter.

This is a shamanic process which can liberate your life-force energy & free you to live the life YOU desire & deserve.


My Personal Journey

By age 13, I had already experienced multiple severe emotional and physical traumas; the shock of finding my father after his suicide at age 3, incest at age 6, and the terror of an attempted rape and death threat during a home invasion at age 12.

In 1984, few people were aware of PTSD and it’s symptoms, I was simply diagnosed as bi-polar and placed on medication to treat the symptoms. No one ever asked me ‘what happened?’. Despite being continually medicated, I still struggled with an extreme lack of self-esteem, anger, depression, and a lack of desire to participate in life. At the age of 18, I dramatically lined up all my bottles of medication, and ingested each and every pill. As fate would have it, a friend found me passed out and I woke up in a hospital, strapped to a bed, with a tube down my throat. I have a vague memory of this near death experience where someone was asking “are you sure you are ready to go?”.

It appears I wasn’t.

After this attempted suicide, I continued to experience epic lows and suicidal thoughts throughout a good part of my 20’s. I engaged in many dis-empowered situations, and painfully dysfunctional relationships.

In my late 20’s, I contracted Lyme – a nasty and supposedly, incurable disease.  I was disabled for years with arthritic pain, headaches, brain fog and fatigue. Looking back, I cannot say this experience was easy, (initiations rarely are), but I can say it was instrumental in delivering me onto a path of self-inquiry, self-knowledge, and sexual healing. I had nothing left to do but take a good hard look at myself, or live in continual pain.

I dedicated myself to taking a courageously, honest, look at my self and my past; with the support of many healing modalities, talented teachers/guides, (including master plants), and even a master (Osho). Eventually, upon my journey I discovered the symptoms of Lyme disease were revealing my inner distress, and the profound lack of desire I had to be ‘here’ in a body. Thankfully, with the guidance I received I realized the need to focus on finding balance with not just my physical body, but with my mental, and emotional bodies as well. I dove deep into identifying and questioning my beliefs, and early conditioning.  I had loads of anger and grief to express in order to reconcile with my childhood, after this came learning how to accept and forgive. It was a potent and arduous journey that got easier as I continued.

In the now, I can honestly say the Lyme was a blessing. The symptoms were alarm bells, raising awareness to my childhood wounding; the dis-ease gave me a choice – ignore my repressed emotions, and continue to harbor them in my body or, face the situation with courage and an open heart —> my only possibility to finding peace and acceptance within.

In my process of re-integration, I completed a good deal inner work, I learned a lot about trusting my intuition, self-expression, embodiment and the importance of including the body, mind and spirit for true healing. I can finally say I am grateful for all the challenges and hardships I endured; I recognize without them, I wouldn’t be who I am now, they gave me the passion to become educated in the work I share – and love – today.

In choosing to be alive, to heal, to commit to the world of the living,  I was gifted with a deep understanding of what true healing feels like, and with the compassion to support others in their self-healing process.  My wisdom has been hard earned, what I offer my clients is not just learned knowledge, it comes from deep personal experience.

The best way to find out if we are a good match for each other is to book a Discovery Call HERE

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